Welcome! To A Conversation w/ a ChE

This is the first post on CWChE, a blog where I will share what is interesting to me in several topical areas.   Chemical Engineering is my education and university degree; I have more than 40 years of work in that field in the USA and many other countries.  I’m also an attorney-at-law, but this blog will steer clear of legal topics.   Some readers may recognize my name from other blogs, and from my own SowellsLawBlog.   Topics for this blog will include energy in most forms, renewable, natural gas, coal, hydroelectric, and nuclear, plus grid-scale storage in several forms.   There will be articles on the science and data in climate science.  Other articles will address fresh water issues.   Some articles will address state-of-the art vehicles, such as pure electric vehicles, PEVs.   A few articles will consider topics with political implications, especially where issues that are important to ChEs are involved.

A note on comments, which I encourage.  Keep it civil or be gone.   Comments will be moderated.   This is intended to be a conversation, not a monologue.   Questions are encouraged.

So, what is a chemical engineer?  We are the engineers that have the math, physics, chemistry, and specific chemical engineering education, training, and experience to effectively analyze many processes and problems, design chemical plants and other processes, perform economic analyses, build the chemical plants and start them up, operate them, optimize them, and modify them as economics will justify.    Probably the most significant thing ChEs do is evaluate massive amounts of data to determine what is acceptable data, and what is Bad Stuff – known to us as BS.

That is all for now.  Much more will be posted later.


Roger Sowell